Touch the Earth™
Walk gently on the earth and leave nothing but your footsteps.......

Touch the Earth, a Native American expression, represents the concept that through physically touching the soil one can touch the soul of our planet and be at peace within the universe. All our lives and products are dedicated to this idea.

We welcome you to create the delight and pleasure of radiant beauty in your home and life with our lanterns, banners, zen bells, and other Products.

When we moved into our home and studio, in the spring of 2001, sadly there was no garden...but I clapped my hands and decided that I would now create a garden. Our meditative
'Zen' garden
is every changing and always a joy to work in, watching nature develop. As designer Thomas C. Burger, Zen Interiors, Inc., has said, "Zen is dynamic stillness."
Long ago and far away a most magical world was created by artists and musicians; the
Oregon Country Fair!
Each year, like the mythical world of Brigadoon, it reawakens with joy and enchantment.

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Touch the Earth™

P.O. Box 427, Veneta, Oregon 97487 USA