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Designs by C. Coulson-Keegan, Touch the Earth Graphic Art Studio


All our products are handmade in Oregon by the 'very old hippies' - that would be us!

Prayer Flags
- for the Earth



Group of 3" - about 31" long
Group of 5" - about 42" long
Group of 7" - about 52" long
Group of 9" - about 62" long
Group of 11"- about 72"

There are two original designs, hand printed on each side of the Prayer Flag,
strung on black nylon cord with a small brass bell between each prayer flag.

You may choose to mix any of the designs and create your own personal group.


One Little Prayer

Each One Little Prayer is hand printed on 5 inches square silk noil flag and
hangs from bamboo about 6 1/2" wide, about 12" long


Silk origami Crane

One Crane (handcrafted silk origami crane) Mobile

One Little Prayer - 5 inches square silk noil flag attached to the coin below the origami crane.

Handbeaded glass, stone, bone, wood and ceramic beads with a Chinese coin are hand strung on black nylon cord above the origami crane.


The "banners" have evolved into 'Silk Scrolls' with the addition of bamboo on the bottom. You will love the new look!

Silk Scroll

Each Scroll - is about 7" wide and 23 " long - two pieces of bamboo cane at the top of the scroll and one piece of bamboo cane at the bottom; each original design is hand printed on silk noil.


Petite Scroll
Each Petite Scroll is about 4 1/2" wide and 14 " long - bamboo cane at top and bottom of the scroll. $22.00
Zen Bell

Small Zen Bell - about 34 inches long
Large Zen Bell - about 58 inches long

Each bell has the Chinese symbol for "compassion" on it, with a handburnt wood OM symbol I designed, and is beaded in a long string with glass, stone, bone, wood and ceramic beads and a Chinese coin.

You may choose any of the one little prayer flag designs with the Small Zen Bell.

You may choose any of the Silk Scroll designs with the Large Zen Bell.